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Fischer & Associates offers comprehensive export compliance solutions for a broad spectrum of corporations and research institutions.

Representative clients include the following:


  • Civil and defense aviation multinational corporation
  • Global maritime shipping and vessel supply company
  • Oil & Gas exploration
  • Fortune 100 chemicals/plastics company with offshore R & D and fabrication plants
  • Start-up software company exporting cryptographic products
  • Satellite telecommunications company with 9 remote U.S. subsidiaries
  • Defense contractor leveraging dual use technology to fabricate defense articles
  • U.S. pharmaceutical subsidiary of an E.U. corporation


  • Marine science research institution with global expeditions
  • University museum and antiquities research facility
  • Advanced nanotechnology research facility
  • Multi-campus U.S. research institution with substantial number of non-U.S. faculty
  • Department of Energy (DOE)-funded National Laboratory
  • Medical school with a prominent biomedical research program
  • University research program with multinational collaborations
  • High Performance Computing (HPC) supercomputing development center
  • Distance Learning Program managing a global admissions process


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