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Export Control Management for Research Institutions

As Federal enforcement activity increases with respect to higher educational and research institutions, and as these institutions expand their export-sensitive programs domestically and internationally, Fischer & Associates offers targeted guidance and compliance solutions.

We understand that, in order to be effective, export compliance must be accomplished in a manner that enables researchers and operational staff to perceive export control oversight as beneficial in furthering research objectives and expanding collaborative opportunities.

Key solutions include the following:

Sponsored Research and Technology Transfer

Identifying and communicating export control requirements in restricted research or service activity. Reconciling Nondisclosure Agreements to export control analysis.

Classification of Laboratory Equipment, Materials, Software, and Technical Data

EAR, ITAR, and EU controls.

Licensing of Exports and Deemed Exports

Shipping, procuring and importing controlled items. Foreign national access to controlled items, outside of the Fundamental Research Exclusion (FRE).

OFAC Compliance and Awareness Training

Travel, research participation, and distance learning restrictions; licensing support.

Global Research Collaborations

Identifying compliance requirements related to international research activity. Managing compliance at international campuses.

Technology Control Plans

Developing and implementing IT and physical safeguards for controlled items or activities.

Supercomputer Controls

Access controls over microprocessors, software, development or use technology.

Software and Cryptography Controls

Cryptography surveys, special publication and foreign national access rules.

Export Control Trainings for Researchers and Operational Staff

Regulatory overviews and scenario-based compliance implementation.

Voluntary Disclosure

Managing suspected violations.

Self-monitoring/Risk assessment Programs

Developing internal review templates.

Developing Export Control Management Procedures

Customized policies and procedures aligned to research and operational requirements.

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