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Export Control Management for Corporations

Cost-effective, risk proportionate compliance is essential to US and offshore operations.

This requires proactive visibility into all aspects of corporate business affected by export compliance, as well as user-friendly processes to address all technical requirements. Toward this objective, Fischer & Associates offers comprehensive technical support and targeted guidance.

Key Support and Targeted Guidance

Supply Chain Risk Analysis, EAR and ITAR

Identifying compliance risk points: R & D, business development, product fabrication, subcontracting, post-sales/servicing, acquisition/merger/brokering.

Jurisdiction Determination and Classification

Inventory evaluation to determine control requirements.

China-related Controls

Compliance with China Rule and End Use restrictions.

EU Controls

Compliance with EU controls and country-specific requirements for both civil and defense-related matters.

Licensing application, approval and management support

EAR: export, re-export and deemed export licensing and exceptions ; ITAR licensing USML items, Defense Services, Technology Release .

Empowered Official (E.O.) Selection

Training and development; development of network.

Technology Control Plans

IT and physical access safeguards.

Internal Audit Support

Developing and conducting Internal Audits

Procedural development and documentation

Web-based processes and procedures


High level briefings, regulatory updates and comprehensive procedures

Export Administration/Management

Resource assessment and development of oversight tools and network.

Cryptography Controls

Product surveys, classification, Notification/Review, licensing.

OFAC Compliance

Evaluation and licensing for OFAC-governed transactions.

Voluntary Disclosure Support

Planning and filing disclosures.

ITAR Consent Agreements/Directed Audits

Audit/Special Compliance Officer support.

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