Corporate International Trade Compliance

Our clients include both well-established and start-up companies across a broad spectrum of industries.

Some of our clients are in the process of developing their trade compliance programs, while others seek to revamp existing processes or procedures, build out new capabilities, or gain assurance that their programs meet federal requirements and business objectives.

Key Program Components

Fischer & Associates provides experienced guidance, documentation, and process development for each of the key components of an international trade & logistics program:

  • International Trade Compliance
  • Policy Item, material, equipment, biologic, software, and technology classifications
  • Import and export compliance procedures
  • Import and export documentation requirements
  • Program monitoring and auditing
  • Management of U.S. Government audit queries
  • Navigating and managing compliance disclosures and enforcement actions

We place a high value on partnering closely with you, such that company personnel benefit from direct, “open door” communication with our consulting team throughout the engagement.

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Product lifecycle/ operations

For manufacturers of tangible goods operating internationally, understanding how U.S. and international import/export regulations apply to the entire product lifecycle is an essential part of doing business – in particular procurement/supply chain operations, international engineering and production, outsourcing operations to foreign companies, and broadening international distribution and sales channels. Client companies can leverage our experience in developing processes and SOPs to comply with trade requirements while facilitating (and not encumbering) these types of operations.

Regulatory impact

Biotechnology, semiconductor, satellite, aviation and numerous other industry sectors are directly impacted by federal legislation that can alter the course of a company’s international growth strategy. In addition to helping clients stay aware of regulatory updates in their industry sector, we offer interpretive and practical guidance on how regulatory changes may affect current and future sales, engineering, manufacturing, distribution and IP considerations.

New to Defense Contracting?

For companies that are launching defense contract business and require ITAR registration for license and brokering purposes, we can assist with the registration process and provide the ongoing process template for ensuring that registrations are properly maintained under the regulations and that Empowered Official duties are addressed. Where a company is serving as a prime contractor on a federal award and is required to flow down FAR and DFARS requirements to subcontractors, we can also advise on this aspect of subcontractor compliance obligations.

Training and Awareness Briefings

Experience indicates that trade compliance training is only as effective as it is practical – distillable into actual business scenarios that personnel are likely to encounter. We partner closely with our clients to customize training and awareness briefings to actual or anticipated business requirements. We believe that a client’s training presentations should reflect their corporate culture, brand, and values. From color scheme and inclusion of company logos, to usage of familiar ‘lingo’ and scenarios, we will work with you to ensure that trainees see themselves in each presentation.

Our training can be delivered in multiple formats: in-person, in a virtual meeting, through an online learning platform, or in an individual document.

Training in action

Website Development

As export compliance and research security programs expand, it is now more important than ever to have an informative, easy-to-navigate website that reflects both regulatory information and institutional processes. We take a comprehensive approach to web design, ensuring that each type of potential user can quickly and easily find information, processes, forms, and contacts related to their activity or question. We work with both compliance professionals, as well as other stakeholders and institutional web designers to build out an effective website tailored to your institutional culture and program needs.